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Key Information

Togo is not a participant to the Montreux Document. 

Sector Size

*No information on sector size could be found.

International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA)

ICoCA Member State: No
ICoCA Company Members: 0
ICoCA CSO Members: 0

Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

Voluntary Principles State Member: No


Few studies on the private security industry have been conducted in Togo despite their increasing prevalence. Private security guards are on the front lines in the fight against terrorism by guarding hotels, banks, and offices and cooperating with the police and military. The Ministry of Security in Togo affirmed that private security companies (PSCs) are important partners in providing security to the population. However, he also called for an increase in professionalism amongst PSC personnel.[i] In 2017, an Institut international des métiers de sécurité was planned to open and provide training for security guards, who at that time usually only received a few days of training, if any, before commencing their duties.[ii]

Private security company (PSC) personnel in Togo face difficult working conditions such as a lack of personal protection equipment, adequate salaries, and insurance.  In response to these challenges, PSC personnel created the Syndicat National des Agents de Sécurité et de Gardiennage Privé du Togo (SYNASGPT) in order to fight for the improvement of working conditions.[iii]

Legal Framework

*No information on national legislation regarding private security companies could be found.


A few of the main challenges identified in the private security industry in Togo include:

  • PSC employees experience poor working conditions such as a lack of personal protection equipment, inadequate salaries, and the lack of insurance.
  • Because no law governing the private security industry could be found, it is unclear of whether a regulatory framework exists.
  • The Ministry of Security noted the lack of professionalism in Togolaise PSC personnel, likely a direct result of the lack of adequate training of employees before the commencement of duties and the lack of any national training standards commonly included in legal frameworks regulating private security.

Members of the Private Security Governance Observatory

  • ONG Dimension Humaine

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