Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative (also known as: Partners West Africa Nigeria (PWAN))

Number 1b, Faith Crescent, Off Deeper Life Way, Kado District, Abuja - Nigeria

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PWAN enhances citizens’ participation and improves security governance in Nigeria and West Africa. We are part of a global network that promotes good governance, in particular accountability, transparency and improved service delivery by expanding opportunities for citizens to engage.


We accomplish our mission through three program areas:

  • Rule of Law: improving integrity and strengthening institutions that play a role in safeguarding the society through a cooperative advocacy approach including engagement with all stakeholders across the spectrum;
  • Citizens Security: Ensuring citizens are well informed and participate in decisions made by government which affects their everyday lives;
  • Fee For Service: Working with Civil Society Organisations to improve their financial sustainability through gaining alternative revenue generation skills.


  • Improve CSO / Government Accountability in West Africa;
  • Enhance transparency, integrity and accountability across stakeholders in the security and criminal justice system;
  • Improve collaboration between non-state, state actors and citizens;
  • Increase the participation of youth, women and vulnerable groups in security and governance dialogues;
  • Promote diversification of revenue streams for financial sustainability of PWA – Nigeria;
  • Improve the capacity of CSOs in West Africa on Fee For Service to ensure financial viability.