Keen and Care Initiative (KCI)

Keen and Care Initiative (KCI),
No 4, Zamfara Street, Kuje Abuja
P.O.Box 450, Gwagwalada Post Office
Abuja, Nigeria



Keen and Care Initiative is a non – profit making and non- governmental organisation, whose primary aim focuses on Development of the People(especially the youths, women and children), Creating Awareness on Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs),  Education( for both in school and out-of-school), Volunteering, Health related issues; behavioural change of young people towards drugs intake & abuse/ HIV and AIDs; capacity building, supporting, re-invigorating means of sustainable development and livelihood of the young people; environmental and human  rights related issues (especially those in the rural areas / grassroots) in Nigeria. Keen and Care Initiative is a registered organization in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) and has since being working on different issues especially those that affecting the youths as well as collaborating / affiliated to different organisation as to achieve the main objectives on youth issues for over Eight (8) years. Also, other groups are not left out like –women, aged and children to achieve our goals and promote sustainable development at large.
However, KCI has being focusing on issues of Human Rights, Security and Extractive Issues (Oil, Gas and Mining) in Nigeria among our other focus areas over few years due to the fact that, we believe social change begins at the community level and gains effectiveness through partnership with people who share similar needs, values and expertise.
However, Keen and Care Initiative has networks of different Organizations and has participated/engaged in EU, AU and UN project/programs. Also, KCI is currently working on some programmes in some States in Nigeria on different projects such as Empowerment programs for Women and Youth, Sensitization programs on arising issues such trafficking of persons & Abuse, Educational Programs, Use of ICT, Business Innovation programs, etc. We synergize with some other  CBOs, FBOs & NGOs, for results
Our Focus: To promote values of people, commitment in institutions, civil societies and government with the objective of achieving structural changes in order to eradicate injustice and poverty globally.
Our Vision: To see societies free of all injustice, with healthy communities and achieving a total economic empowerment.
Our Mission: To promote world peace, achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs), sustain healthy communities and encourage an equitable society in which people are free from all injustice; oppression and discrimination based on gender, health, race, class, ethnic origin, physical ability and religious belief.
Our Core Values
• Creativity,
• Leadership

• Initiative,
• Accountability,
• Participation,
• Pro-poor solidarity,
• Sustainability,
• Respect for diversity,
• etc.